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Keeping Track of Coronavirus , But Instead Find Solutions" The Future Has Begun -marine serre

I have been working tons from home, maybe even quite before, if you'll believe it. except for me, this whole idea of staying present while questioning myself and therefore the way forward for the planet , and therefore the world of fashion, are some things that i used to be already doing before the pandemic. It’s important not just for myself except for a brand like ours to stay thinking and moving forward, albeit things are a touch slower now. we've always been, and still be, a brand that's constantly brooding about what's getting to happen next and the way we will make the planet a touch of a far better place. this manner of thinking isn't new on behalf of me . Even before the virus, the world, and therefore the apparel industry especially , was during a really critical situation where things weren't always coherent and where we weren't all concentrating on the items that matter, like sustainability. There was tons of talk, but not tons of actionable change. there's no wrong thanks to do something, but we will a minimum of attempt to change. 

That was my instinct once I first arrived within the industry because i used to be young and that i wasn’t really a neighborhood of the style world to start with, so i used to be then and still am thinking really hard about what we will do to implement more sustainable, ethical practices within the system. This crisis now's , of course, horrible, but things weren’t so great for the last two years either. In my collections and shows, I always tried to be honest that . it had been difficult to sell our idea to the industry once we first started. We used 50% of upcycled materials for the primary collection, then each garment was 100% unique. it had been a challenge to sell because retailers didn’t want unique garments, they wanted garments that were all precisely the same, so we had to speak and explain that this is often the way that the longer term must be. We don’t have a choice anymore, and that i think finally people are really beginning to understand that. we'd like to not panic, but instead find solutions for a far better future. That’s my mood immediately at least: trying to not panic and keep thinking and dealing . My team and that i have continued to believe how we’re producing and smarter ways for us to supply . 

for instance , i feel that our garments are far too expensive. Of course, they're upcycled, and unique, but not everyone can afford something like that, so i'm brainstorming tons about the way to make my clothes more accessible. This week, we also are releasing a video campaign which can show six months of production of our latest collection from inside the factories. we'll show how we upcycle, how we manufacture the clothes so we are more transparent and during a way anyone can copy too if they need . As far as fashion shows are concerned, we will rethink them, but I don’t know if they need to be eliminated for the longer term . the style show on behalf of me is like once you work on a painting and you finally finish; it’s that end point that's so important to me creatively. I do think we will do fewer shows, because for independent brands like ours, even two shows a year may be a lot and an enormous expense. we'd like smaller collections and smaller deliveries. But as is that the case in life like fashion, you continue to want to satisfy people and connect with people. you would like to still communicate, but also, I don’t think the style shows or fashion calendar was all that democratic. I don’t know if it’s so important that it’s in Paris with an equivalent 500 people. Something should shift. Shows are important for creativity and also conversation. A show on behalf of me may be a conversation—afterwards, i really like to listen to what people felt, whether it made them happy or angry or if they understood what i used to be trying to convey.
Maybe that conversation can just look different in any case of this. Technology has, of course, already played an enormous role in shifting this conversation around fashion and fashion shows. it might be an error to not embrace it, especially immediately within the midst of this crisis, and that we need to find a balance between a true garment and therefore the one that you simply see on a screen. immediately we are really that specialize in building out and enhancing our web shop, also as creating new ways to speak directly with our customers on social media, because that's so important to a brand like ours. We actually don’t need to change an excessive amount of immediately . We have already got tightly edited collections due to the upcycling and that we have a really artisanal point of view. 

Generally speaking, i feel immediately , as most are home, they're looking inside themselves and reassessing things they have or don’t need, ways they might are better in certain situations in life and business. With my last show i actually wanted to convey that we will find answers of a crisis or disaster, but we've to seem inward and really act. We can’t be afraid to act. this is often something I even have to stay repeating to myself everyday while I’m self-isolating because, of course, I’m scared too.


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